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Increase your knowledge and marketability as a PADI Professional. 

Business seminars explain the different marketing aspects in the diving industry. You will learn how to market successfully the courses as an instructor to your students.


Why you should take Business Seminars

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to have a job in the diving industry for many years? And do you want to make a career in diving?

The answer to all these questions most likely will be YES!

Many Divemasters and Instructors believe that they only have to “guide” the divers or “teach” others in diving. Doing business is not part of their job. That is wrong thinking!

Who is doing the business in a Dive Centre? The shop owner or the person behind the counter? Both persons spend the least time together with the clients.

After signing up for different activities in a dive centre, clients spend most of their time together with the Divemaster doing fun dives. Students enrolled in a course are most of the day together with the instructor.

Spending time together means having opportunities! Opportunities to pass on information on the various services the dive centre offers like night dives, day trips, different types of dives etc.

The same applies to instructors. Every new diver needs diving equipment and different courses to improve the basic skills they just learnt. Sooner or later divers will buy diving equipment anyway. They will also spend their holiday money – either they bring it in to the local pub or they spend the money with the dive centre. It is best if they spend their money with you investing in their new hobby. The only thing you have to do – is make it possible and make it happen! What do you have to do for it? Tell them about it, about the benefits and attributes of equipment ownership and how to continue their diver education.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Take your chance!

Learn all about it in our different Business Seminars. Increase your knowledge and marketability as a PADI Professional. 

Business Seminars explain the different marketing aspects in the diving industry. You will learn how to market diving equipment and the different courses successfully as an instructor to your students.


  Workshop “Business of Nitrox” 

   This workshop is designed for all people interested in the topic Enriched Air Nitrox. It
   could be most helpful for the dive center crew involved in advising customers and
   selling instructional courses to them in their daily business.

  Business Training for PADI PROs 

   This seminar is addressed to all individuals who want to work actively in a dive
   center or resort. Naturally the instructor is the person that sells equipment and gives
   advice to people. Therefore this seminar is important to them.

  Workshop: Successful Digital Underwater Photographer 

   Many divers own their personal digital camera and enjoy taking photos of the
   underwater world. With many pictures not looking the way they were intended, there
   is a rising need for information with respect to the use of digital...


The IDC College

Do you want a Job afterwards?


Then you should also consider:  

To make you even more interesting for possible employers you should not stop your education here. It is highly recommended to proceed in one go to Master Scuba Divers Trainer. Please consider the following instructor courses:

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